Electronic Prescription Solutions!

CareScripts has long understood the business challenges physicians face when running a medical practice. That’s why Carescripts has devised a clinical kiosk to help physicians excel in four specific areas of their practice:

  • Patient Communication
  • Patient Flow
  • New Scripts
  • Refill Calls


As a leading provider of co-branded online refill services, CareScripts will design a program to your specifications and manage your patients’ Propecia needs. CareScripts allows you to immediately eliminate the overhead costs associated with refilling patient prescriptions. Plus, you’ll can communicate electronically with your patients via automated text and voice messaging to remind them of appointments and refills.

Combining advanced communications technology with personal attention to your account, CareScripts raises patient prescription fulfillment to a new level of dependability and professionalism.

  • Our automated messaging system allows you to stay in constant contact with your patients.
  • Our customer support team helps your patients with detailed or problematic orders.
  • Our Quality Assurance Programs evaluate website and kiosk performance and provide immediate feedback to ensure accurate and courteous patient refill management.
  • Real-time profit and loss statements allow you to see your prescription earnings on a second-by-second basis
  • An auto-ship indicator shows you how many patients are being auto-shipped each day
  • A physicians report shows you the rate at which your physicians are prescribing and...